16 to 28 July

European Paragliding Championship


Montalegre near the Portuguese/Spanish border is a typical mountain village in the area of Transmontana, situated in the beautiful region of the highlands of Barroso, which forms a natural zone of mountains, oaks, rivers and streams, arid and at the same time cozy.


The entire municipality of Montalegre breathes a historical and picturesque environment, such as the various granite stone villages of the Peneda-Gerês National Park with a medieval look. All these places keep old traditions and excellent food.


Mysticism and Witchcraft. On Fridays 13, Montalegre is filled with people dressed in black and pointy hats. All night long they fill the streets of the village, where what is important is that friendship and beer don’t run out around the castle.

15th European Paragliding Championship

Montalegre has the honor, for the second time, to receive a "Category 1" International Aviation Federation (FAI) competition. The FAI internationally oversees aeronautical sports in which Paragliding is included, and is the organizer of the major world events of the respective disciplines, namely the World Championships and the Continental Championships, in an annual alternation regime. Thus, 2018 will be the year of the most important championship on the European continent - the 15th European Paragliding Championship!