The ritual repeats itself whenever the day of chance appears in the calendar.
In 2018, the month of July has a Friday the 13th. The skies of Montalegre are filled with flying brooms. Wizards and healers pilgrimage to Vilar de Perdizes. And in Barroso, the sound of Father Fontes' s voice as he prepares the burning that will drive out witches and demons as he appeals to all mystical beings to intercede in promoting friendship and the union of all those who are in our hearts. It is the fantastic in its maximum splendor. Magic is what truly is at Montalegre.

The next day, other magicians arrive. The Wizards of the Paragliding. The heavens, now cleansed of brooms and duly purified by the burning fire, are filled again. This time, countless colorful wings deftly manned by the hands of the best Paragliding pilots in the world.
This portion of Portuguese sky is not new to this type of event. It is now the turn of the most important European event of the sport: the 15th European Paragliding Championship that takes place from the Serra do Larouco - Montalegre, between the days * July 14 and 28, and that spreads throughout the sky barrosão bringing friendship, joy and much animation to the whole county.


The Larouco – Montalegre

Montalegre has excellent flight sites, with take-offs in almost all directions, both in Portugal and Spain. It has been the stage of several international competitions like Paragliding World Cups in 2000, 2012 and 2015.

Altitude: 1540m
Lift: 500m
Orientation: All except NE and SW


N41º 52.78' W007º 43.25'
Drop› 520m

N41º 51.4' W007º 42.6'
Open countryside in the valley, near the village of Gralhas.


N41º 55' W007º 43'
Drop› 430m

N41º 56' W007º 43'
Wide open field with nearby alternate fields.


N41º 53.1'; W007º 43.55'
Drop› 350m

N41º 53.1'; W 007º 44.5'
Wide open field in the valley, near the road.

Flight location

Serra do Larouco

It is situated in the north of Portugal with high mountains and open valleys, surrounded by vast plains in various directions, the site is perfect and safe for cross-country flights. Particularly good, for local triangle flights of up to 100 km, as was demonstrated in recent World Championship events.