15th European Paragliding Championship

Montalegre has the honor to receive for the second time, a “Category 1” test of the International Aviation Federation (FAI).

The International Aeronautical Federation is the highest body in the protection of aeronautical sports in which Paragliding is included and organizer of the major world events of the respective modalities, namely the World Championships and the Continental Championships, in an annual alternation regime. Thus, 2018 will be the year of the most important championship on the European continent – the 15th European Paragliding Championship!
As a stage of several national and international competitions of this modality, Montalegre has already received an FAI Paragliding World Championship in 2003.

This event will gather from 16 to 28 July, more than 150 riders from all over Europe and invited countries, at the biggest Paragliding party of 2018 that confirming the excellent qualities of the region, will paint again the skies of Montalegre.